Les Misérables


How to cross something off your bucket list in style: my boyfriend got us tickets to Les Misérables as a Christmas gift. Now those of you who know me a bit, will understand that this was a HUGE DEAL on planet Mella, because I’m obsessed with that musical. I have been for ages, I’ve sung the complete soundtrack a hundred times in my shower (and also the best known songs during my time singing in a musical choir!), and I’d never seen the actual musical live. On DVD, yes (10th Anniversary Edition, best thing ever!) but never in a theatre.

When the remake of the movie came out, I didn’t go. I couldn’t stand the thought of it being ‘hollywood-ized’, nor did I imagine any of the actors were capable of pulling off what the great performers like, let’s say, Lea Salonga could do.

So actually going there, seeing the musical in London, in the Queen’s Theatre, had been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember. And on Saturday, that day finally came!

We took a taxi to the Theatre. It wasn’t that far, but my feet were killing me from all the shopping (first world problems, I know!). We were early, but even just standing on the street there, looking at the huge Les Mis billboard, made me the happiest girl in the world.

We weren’t allowed to take pictures or film anything, but I can tell you (and Lukas will confirm) – as soon as the light went out, I started squeezing his hand and I didn’t stop until it was over. I sang _every_ word in that musical, silently though, when they did. I cried. I laughed. It was amazing.

We took a riksha home (much faster than a taxi and what a great experience!) and I think I must have hummed the musical in my sleep all night.

If you’ve never heard of the musical, never seen it or just want to know what all my fuss is about: here’s my favourite song: One Day More. Enjoy!

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