14 things you should know when dating a planner-girl.

I absolutely LOVED reading this wonderful piece on the Goulet Pens Blog, called “7 things you should know before dating a fountain pen addict”. It was so spot on, accurate and funny-but-true, that I wanted to do a similar thing about dating a planner-girl. Sweet male planner-afficionado-friends of mine, I’m sure a lot of this is also true for dating you guys, but being the single planner-girl that I am, I can only speak about the things I (or my dates :p) have experienced…!

So here goes nothing: 14 things you should know when dating a planner-girl.

1. Planners are our lives.

Yeah. They not only contain our lives, our plans, our hopes, dreams and aspirations, our medical information, important dates and information, our lists, wishes and to do’s, reminders of upcoming doctor’s appointments, checkups and prescriptions, birthday reminders and gift ideas, book lists and a WHOLE lot of stickers – but they are an important part of our lives. An external memory for some, a keeping-on-track-tracker for others. But mucho importanto. Better not mock it on a first date, guys. Just a hint.

2. We never leave home without one.

When you are on a date with us, we’ll be dressed up like any girl would be. All fancy with the cute shoes and the small, non-Mary-Poppins-esque handbag. Only for the date though, because usually, we carry large bags. Planners and some supplies need their space. But even in that cute, small, date-appropriate bag, there will be a planner. Maybe just the inside part of a Mia Cara, maybe a small (pocket or mini size) satellite-planner. Maybe a small notebook and a pen. But never nothing. Never.

3. We are not hoarding, we are collecting.

There are not many planner girls with ‘just one’ planner. Those girls are a myth, like unicorns (more on those later). We have several. A5, medium, pocket and mini. Travelers’ Notebooks, too. Lush leather or fancy croco. If we’re lucky, even real ostrich leather. Limited editions, limited productions. One-of-a-kind pieces. Hard-to-find planners. Red, orange, purple and green. Shiny AND matte croco pink, because a girl needs a change. We don’t wear the same pair of shoes every day either, now do we. Neither do you, for that matter. And if you spot a planner you’ve never seen before, no, it’s not new, we’ve had it for ages. That’s our story and we’re sticking to it.

4. We buy and sell, looking for the Holy Grail.

We spend a large chunk of our free time online and on Facebook, having highly entertaining discussions with our fellow planner peeps and reading Philofaxy. Religiously. But in certain stages of planner-addiction (I wrote a different post about that, here!), in search of that one unicorn, the Holy Grail that will grant us Planner Peace, suddenly, that perfect planner we got 48 hours ago just isn’t doing it for us anymore. We love the lay-out though, but the black and red is too ‘Morticia’ and we need a bit more ‘Kermit’. So we sell the black/red, and buy the grass green croco with the money we made. And the cycle goes on. Leather zip pulls or metal pulls? These discussion keep the whole world awake. Lining colours, too. So if our perfect planner has the wrong zip pull, we’ll sell it as well. Only to buy the exact same type of planner back from someone else – with the right zipper. We ship our babies off to far away countries and then stalk the mailman waiting for the new one. If only planners got airmiles!

5. Don’t interrupt planner time.

Planner time is holy. That is where we plan what you’ll get on your plate for dinner this week. Where we check if all of our to-dos are done and when to make room for quality time next week. If you like us happy, stress-free, and organised, I repeat: don’t interrupt planner time.

6. Ah, the infamous “planner peace”.

You’ll hear us speak of Planner Peace. It’s basically the illusion we will someday find a planner, inserts, pen and set-up that are so absofuckinglutely perfect, we’ll never need anything else. It exists, but only amongst a lucky few. Kinda like finding mr Right, eh? 😉 Temporary planner peace is often acquired, but as soon as we set foot on Facebook, that becomes a vague concept. We are whimsical, and we love it. Love us for it.

7. Move over Lord of The Rings, here’s Steve Morton.

Yes, there is another man in our lives. We speak of him often. The source of all information and the master of guiding you through installing new rings in your organiser (yes, we do that ourselves!). His name is Steve and we all love him to bits. Never speak bad of Steve and we’ll all get along great.

8. Accessories are everything.

A planner is something to use and utilize, but for many of us, also something to decorate. We have loads of stickers and washitape – not only to decorate but also to mark important events, dates and appointments (as seen in point 1.). We also love colourful dividers, dashboards with quotes, and don’t even get me started on pens. Remember this if you run out of gift ideas for, let’s say, Happy Wednesday. Oh, and we want gold rings with everything. Planners ànd anniversaries.

9. We have friends in almost every country.

The planner community is a magical online place where friendships without boundaries are formed. I have a planner bestie about 500 km from me in Germany, but I also have very dear friends living 7000 km away from me in the US. These are not ‘just online’ friendships. We talk about everything- planners, yes, but also kids, life, religion, family, giggles and tears, hard decisions, our pets and our love lives. Yes, that last point means you.

10. Youtube is our version of Movie Night.

Youtube is FULL of planner p_rn. Unboxings, reviews, set-up videos, oh my Gillio! Time for WebFinds on Philofaxy? Pass me the popcorn.

11. We do strange things.

Like flying halfway across the globe to meet people we’ve only talked to on the internet. Yes, we tell our kids not to talk to strangers and never to meet up with any new internet-friends without other people present. But don’t worry, we always meet in public places and there are always others present. And planners. Loads of planners. We even make a picture of our combined planner pile and everything. You can stop rolling your eyes now – yes, I’m serious.

12. We will try to lure you to the dark side.

You NEED a planner. You might not know it yet, but you will. Soon. Seeing us be so extremely satisfied with ours. Seeing how utterly organised we are. Just the smell of that Gillio leather! Not to mention how incredibly sexy any man is when holding a stuffed/used A5 Mia Cara when he enters a meeting room… Be still, my heart.

13. Get the lingo down.

Patina, popper, strap, flyleaf, washi, colour coding? Those are easy. But corner punches are no boxing terms, and epoca is not an endangered species. When we talk about ‘pebbles’, it is NOT the Flintstones character, nor do we mean stones on a beach. If we are daydreaming about Freddy, we are not cheating, we just want a new beastly croco planner. Gillio used to be called Gigliodoro. Gigolo-what now? Eeeexactly.

14. Nothing says “I love you” like epoca leather.

You know what? You don’t HAVE to understand everything. This is our little corner of the planet and we are happy to be there. We welcome you with open arms if you want to have a look, but you don’t have to. Just know that we will gently start to ‘turn’ you. Buying you a new wallet in black/orange leather. Because every man needs a little epoca leather in his life – and we saved on combined shipping.

Nothing says I Love You like a beautiful planner, by the way. In case you run out of gift ideas. Did I mention that already?

* This post was copied from my old blog.

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