The journey to Planner Peace

I love buying and selling planners. Looking for my ‘one and only’ while trying out different styles and colours: I wish all shopping experiences were like that. But when I look around the lovely groups I belong to, I see a lot of people going through the same ‘stages’ as I went through.

I don’t know about you, but my planner-journey was something like this:

  1. I WANT ONE. When I first discovered there was such a thing as a planner.
  2. I WANT A NEW ONE. Because the first one was used and worn down from actually USING a planner. Ah, I remember those days.
  3. I WANT AN OTHER SIZE. Because pocket is nice when you are a kid, but I’m all grown up now.
  4. I WANT ANOTHER SIZE AGAIN. Because I can fit my own printed papers into that A5 so easily. Totally justified purchase. The overly-expensive hole punch as well.
  5. I HAVE EVERYTHING I NEED BUT I WANT A RED ONE. Because red (or whatever colour you like) goes so well with my bag/wallet/whatever.
  6. I WANT A NEW A5 IN BLACK. Because in this size, the colour I own has outgrown me as well.
  7. YAY! I GRADUATED. TIME FOR A LEATHER PLANNER. Because I can’t show up at my first job with a plastic one, now can I.
  8. WHAT? THERE IS A BLOG ABOUT FILOFAXES? Because women can multitask and thus spend many, many working hours glancing at Philofaxy with one eye, and using company resources (thank you super fast laser colour printer) to print their inserts.
  9. HELLO ADSPOT. Because someone actually wants that planner in red I never use again. Hurray for the 25$ I can spend on new inserts. Because that printing thing wasn’t flawless, now was it.
  10. JEEZ? THEY ARE ON FACEBOOK TOO? Thousands of people that actually applaud me when I share a picture of my organiser.
  11. WASHIWHAT? Yes, there goes my paycheck on stuff from Japan.
  12. I NEED THAT PLANNER SHE HAS. I thought I had planner peace but god, that Finchley looks adorable. And soft. Gotta have it.
  13. IS 5 TOO MANY? No, I have more than 5 handbags also. And more than 5 pairs of shoes. I need that colour to match my bag/wallet/whatever.
  14. I AM NOT A SHOPAHOLIC, I’M A COLLECTOR. I have 14 but some are like super rare and shit. So one day I’ll get rich and retire off this planner that I payed a gazillion for plus shipping plus customs plus whatnot.
  15. I’M GOING TO SELL SOME. No buy July. My kid needs sneakers.
  16. PLANNER PEACE! Oh wait. No.
  17. HELLO FANCY HIGH QUALITY BELGIAN BRAND. There goes my paycheck. And the next one.
  19. LIMITED EDITION? I don’t care if it’s pretty or not, gotta have it.
  20. HELLO MARKET PLACE. Because for some strange reason, some people don’t like what I consider to be a unicorn.
  21. MAYBE I’M MORE AN EPOCA GIRL. Selling the croco.
  22. YEP. EPOCA. But a Compagna, an Amica or a Mia?
  23. ===repeat steps 12-16 for about a year===
  24. PLANNER PEACE. Model X, in colour Y, in leather Z. Hurray!
  25. GOD NO. They sell handbags too?

To definitely be continued 😉

* This post was copied from my old blog. I should write a sequel including Giramondos…

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