No, you’re not being silly

I carry around a planner with me, everywhere. EVERYWHERE. (No surprises there, I’m sure). Currently I’m using my full-leather Gillio Giramondo in Gold, with a bright pink elastic band around it. Even in this digital day and age, not many people are surprised to see that: using a notebook, a calendar, a planner or any other variety of organizing tool is considered normal, even ‘hipster’ if you believe some of the people I meet.

BUT! When I open the planner, and people see what’s inside… That’s when the comments come out that contain the words ‘silly’, ‘childish’, or even ‘ridiculous’. (Mind you, the people whose opinion matters to me, don’t say these things. It’s the random strangers discovering my geeky side.)

So I wanted to write this little piece for every plannerd (yes, that’s a word) out there who thinks she (or he!) has to hide the decorated, colourful, sticky-note-bonanza sh!t they’ve got going on in there.

Sorry for my language, but: IT’S YOUR F_CK!NG PLANNER. You can do what you want in there, write what you like, decorate how you see fit. Draw the view from your bedroom in the morning or keep the corners of every napkin from every restaurant you’ve ever eaten at, for all I care. Plan out your laundry schedule or track how fast your hair is growing… Who cares? It’s YOURS.

Sometimes, I find myself in need of these words, when I’m writing my random thoughts in my, well, random-thoughts-insert. I have a lot of lists in there. A little GTD: a list for phone calls, for things to do at the office, at home, when I’m driving; but also a list of ideas for comfort-food-recipes, places I want to take my son or quotes for my new tattoo. Lists of artists I want to listen to, books I want to read, vacations I want to go on, or gift ideas for my parents. 

A customer at the store came in when I was writing in my planner, and thought it was OK to bend over my counter and ask: “Whatcha writing?”. Ehm, none of your business, but being the self-proclaimed queen of Greeting Clients With A Smile Every Time, I answered him, with a smiley poker face, that I have to consider buying an eyebrow pencil and learn how to use it.

I know. Not exactly Save The World now, is it. But it _was_ what I was writing down. I was looking at my YouTube feed and there was this girl with perfect eyebrows. I wanted those eyebrows. What can I say. 

I hear ‘planner sisters’ of mine asking me things like if I track my period in my planner, and if so, how I do it inconspicuously. Why? Who’s going to read my planner besides me? (Mind you, I think many perfect eyebrows would frown if they deciphered half of my entries, hehe).

So paste those rainbow unicorn stickers all around if you like. Buy the Hello Kitty pen. Washi tape every edge of every piece of paper if it makes you happy. Or: don’t! You don’t owe anybody an explanation.

* This post was transferred from my old blog.

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