Counting down to: the Gillio Meet-Up 2016!



In two (TWO!) weeks, my dear friends gather in Belgium for Gillio’s annual Meet-Up. A weekend filled with planner geeks (think ComicCon, but with Gillio planners), shopping, good food, friends and crying so hard from laughing, you don’t need any make-up remover before you go to bed.

This year, I’ve added some little extras to the meet-up (surpriiiiiseeeeeee) to make sure no-one goes home empty handed, but with a bag filled with fond memories.

Extra special this year is that (drumroll please) my wonderful friend Kariné is flying over from the US to participate for the first time! She’s bringing her husband as well, so I think Lukas will have someone to roll his eyes at when things get too geeky 😉

SO MUCH TO DO. So long still. Two weeks!

Can’t wait to see all of you… Start the countdown!

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