Gillio’s 3rd Annual Meet-Up, 2016: highlights


It’s Monday, The Day After The Meet-Up Weekend. I’m exhausted. I haven’t properly slept in a week, my house has been inhabited by Gillionaires from all over the world, I haven’t talked to my man about anything besides coffee and planners in 6 days, and god forbid I did any laundry, so finding a fresh set of clothes is a challenge as well.

But man, what a weekend, what a buzz, what a rush, so many wonderful people all together in the same place. Great reveals, great atmosphere, and so many smiling faces, I couldn’t NOT go home with a smile that will last me a week.

Details about what we revealed can be read here, and a great recap about the event can also be read on Steve Morton’s Philofaxy.

The 3 absolute favourite moments for me were:

  • the pre-meetup dinner on Friday: a wonderful chef, amazing food, and just friends having a good time talking planners!
  • the reveal of the Appunto covers: a review will soon make its way to the blog, but this ‘secret project’ we’d been working on for MONTHS. So glad everyone loved them.
  • the dinner at the restaurant on Saturday, where we handed Steve his one-of-a-kind birthday present: a Gillio A6 Compagna with the Philofaxy logo. His reaction warmed my heart.

Check out the complete photo-album here!

Thanks again to everyone that made this event possible, thanks for the great atmosphere and the wonderful friendships that have grown over the years!

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