Apparently, planning is an ’emerging trend’

Dear people of the internet.

Lately, articles appeared online about how suddenly, going back to paper planning is all the craze on the interwebs. MIC did a piece on it, and even Business Insider picked up on this “emerging trend”.

Whenever articles like this are written, they are picked up by us. By us, I mean: the planner community. And often: we criticize you, the author. Don’t take it the wrong way: we LOVE that you are picking up on what’s trending, and that you are making an effort to spread the word. Hopefully all of the plan-nerds that have not come out of the closet yet, will feel like they are not alone and join in on our fun.


When you write about us (all many millions of devoted, long-term planner fanatics across this planet), we’d appreciate it if you did your research just a little thorougher. You are missing out on such a big part of us, our group and why we love these silly things so much, by just tapping into the most commercial sites and channels, and not going in a level deeper.

See, there’s this site called Philofaxy. THE reference when it comes to planning and organising your life using a paper planner. Our own Steve Morton, ‘Lord of the (planner)Rings’ is the main man behind that site. For many, many years, people have been visiting this page for updates, for free printable calendar pages, for valuable resources, for reviews on all brands and types of planners, for weekly links to every planning-themes blogpost and YouTube video out there. When you say (filofax-esque) planners, you say Philofaxy.

In the corresponding Facebook Group, we share pictures, ideas, links and tips & tricks. We talk about all of the brands out there – and there are a LOT of brands. If you think Filofax is ‘extremely expensive’ (see the article of Business Insider), you obviously have not heard of Gillio Firenze, Van der Spek, Mulberry, and other high quality brands that make leather planners. As one of the (from my humble perspective) leading ladies of the planner community, Janet Carr, has listed on her blog here, you’ll find that for every brand there are also corresponding Facebook Groups where fans unite and share. Of course, Instagram and Youtube are also full of planner-related content, but you noticed that already.

You also only speak of Filofax-esque planners, and the occasional Erin Condren, but what about the Traveler’s Notebooks? The Hobonichis? Have you read about Bullet Journals yet?

I don’t mean to diss you, quite the opposite: I’d love for you journalists to dig just that extra level deeper and come discover this amazing online community of people who are passionate about the same thing, and have formed warm friendships in the process. We are a great bunch of people and we’d love to give you every explanation you need while you do your research.

With love,

A passionate plannerd.

PS: It’s stationery. With an E.

*This post was transferred from my old blog.

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