Life happens.


Yeah, so I was going to re-vamp my blog completely by January 1st. Hah!

So that didn’t happen.

Life got in the way, and there are always ‘good excuses’ not to do something.

Or in my case:

  • I need to make time for more content first. I can’t launch without content.
  • I’ll start writing next month when it’ll be calmer at work.
  • The pictures in my London posts are not loading. I have to find out why that is, first.
  • Once I moved my office to the BF’s place, I’ll have more opportunity to write.
  • I’m going to PLAN one night a week on writing alone.

I could go on. I’m a great enabler (as some or you might have discovered) – but I’m a great self-disabler as well.

So – I’m just going to go for it. I’m throwing the blog online. There you go. You can all see it. Flaws and everything. Let’s hope that THAT will motivate me to write some semi-frequent comprehensive sh!t here for you all to read 😉

Love, always


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