Ch-ch-ch-changes (and how my planner is keeping me sane).

Jeez, people. This ‘just post the blog online and that’ll motivate you to write more’ stuff is really working!

I haven’t properly blogged in ages. My last video was from last summer… You know why? Let me explain.

I met this guy.

(Yeah… I ditched my planner sisters for a GUY. #sorrynotsorry)

So last September, I met this guy. How we met will be the topic of a whole new blogpost someday, haha. But ever since, that guy is now know as The Boyfriend. And then came phases of BF-obsessiveness, lots of commutes (I live in Antwerp, he lives in Brussels), a week in the hospital, a lot of work, a plaster cast on my leg, more work, more BF-obsessiveness, then the Gillio-meetup, and THEN – now – the even bigger phase has started: the moving-in-with-the-BF phase.

We’ve kinda been living together at his place for months already, but I still kept my appartment. In July, I’ll move all of my stuff cross-state to Brussels.

I hate moving – I love my boyfriend and I can’t wait to have my stuff around me again – but I really hate the packing and the furniture-dismantling and the endless boxes that never get unpacked. I hate the inevitable scratches on the leather sofas and the dents in the wood cupboards. I hate having to go to Ikea AGAIN for the 3 glasses and 4 plates that didn’t make it. I can’t stand not knowing where my stuff is and NEEDING that one thing that’s in box 14. Or was it 25?

Luckily, I have my trusty planner (I’m ‘converted’ to A6 and currently drooling over my purple A6 Compagna) and I started months ago with writing lists of things I needed to do during the move. Like move my desk in advance, together with my craft supplies, my 3 boxes (!!) filled with planners, and my clothes. I made a list of how to handle my move with administration (register at the town hall and forward my mail and things like that). During packing, I made a list of Where The Important Stuff Is.

And best of all: before the actual move, we’re going to Gran Canaria for a week. At least I’ll have a tan when I completely stress out.

Till next time, sweeties. Videos from Brussels in a couple of weeks!

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