The myth of Planner Peace


It’s all we talk about in our FB planner groups: Planner Peace. Somehow, we believe that at some point, we are going to find that one perfect combo of planner, insert, layout, look and pen and be so content that we’ll never yearn for a new planner again.

I already wrote about it on my old blog – you can read that copied piece here.

For the first six months of this year, I’ve been in anything but Planner Peace: I went from personal to A6 and then A5, from Giramondo to Appunto, back to square one and I changed about every week. ‘This one is more portable, but I like that page size better’. ‘These inserts are fantastic – but then again, that leather looks sooo much better’. Oh look, new Appuntos in stock! *sigh*

I firmly believe there is some sort of correlation between my life status and my planner status. I have this weird belief in the back of my mind that if I’d just get my planner into perfect set-up, everything is also going to fall into place in my life. But that never happens. My life has been hectic and crazy, the first half of 2016, and it reflects in my planner-promisquity.

ONE BOOK JULY! I thought – what a great idea. Just commit to one, and be done with it. I didn’t last a day. Not a single day.

For now, I keep my wonderful purple A5 Appunto in my work bag and on my desk at home, and in a personal size (don’t ask me which one, I swith around like I change shoes!) in my hand bag.

I can’t tell you for how long this will last – at least Ben at Gillio knows that there will always be sales when I’m around. I do NOT want to make the sum of the amount of money I’ve spent there 😉

What I do know is, that when I’m in doubt, I always fall back on my ‘favourites’. I have a soft spot for:

  • Leather with a lot of patina (my gold Giramondo)
  • Leather with a lush, strong smell (my medium rust Mia Cara)
  • Leather that feels thick and luxurious (my black A6 Compagna)
  • 30 mm rings (my real Ostrich medium Compagna)
  • A vivid, happy colour (my purple printed Ostrich Appunto or my medium pink Compagna)

Someone asked me to do a Periscope of my collection, I’ll start rounding them up and do that somewhere in the next 2 weeks!

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