So you found your planner unicorn? Prepare for disappointment.

Gillio Appunto A6

I have spent the last 3 years looking for my planner unicorn.

(For the non-plannerati, this will sound completely unbelievable – looking for a planner for three years? I hope by now you’ve realised that if you’re not even remotely into planners, my blog might not be your cup of tea :-p)

I saw Tom’s gold medium Compagna – completely beaten, battered and bruised, with beer and whatnot spilled on it – and I fell completely in love. I wanted one of those. From that batch, with the contrast stitching, with that crisp leather that made the sound of walking on fresh snow when you rub it. With the older oval rings that measure 27 mm in diameter. With the embossed flyleaf.

I owned a gold medium Compagna from another batch and loved it to bits, but later sold it on because, well, I wanted to keep searching for my unicorn. And last week, it finally happened: I found my unicorn. A new one. From a Belgian seller that probably didn’t understand my excitement either.

I drove over 100 km to go get it – I even scratched my car quite severely in a parking lot when I got there, so that will forever remind me of the day I got my unicorn – and when I came home, I immediately moved all of my personal sized planner contents into this unbelievable piece of craftsmanship.

(In case you were wondering: yes, I have about every size completely set up and up-to-date. Personal, A6, A5, Giramondo, both Appuntos.)

It was heaven. I gave it a good leather waxing treatment and sat in awe of the marvel that had occured, finally, after waiting for it for 3 years.


But then, after a few days, it started itching. I had, prior to the arrival of the unicorn, successfully moved into my A6 blue ostrich Appunto. I had set it all up. It was perfect: sturdy, lightweight, lots of room, Tomoe River paper, lots of little pockets and papers and oh, those bookmarks! So now what? Abandon the system again? Go back to personal size?

Planner crisis. 🙂

I have learned a valuable planner-lesson this year (you might have read about it in my other posts): you’re NEVER going to be happy if you keep switching. You have to give a planner a chance, people! Force yourself into using it. USING IT. Every day. Carrying it around, in your hand when you can, or in your bag everywhere else. Allow for yourself to grow in love with it. Embellish it if that’s what you’re into, get some stickers and a nice pen, or a paperclip or two that make you happy whenever you open it.

Take lots of pictures and watch the patina develop – this is SO important! I own several planners that I only started loving once the patina kicked in. Don’t decide after a day or two that it is ‘not love’ – how many of us have experienced love at first sight when it comes to dating, for example? It’s by getting to know someone (or something :p) that we grow in love.

I have found that it is often a combination of things that determine if a planner is a keeper or not, but I NEVER decide before I’ve at least given it a few weeks. Why not do a One Book July every month, to try out if a planner is a keeper or not?

Sometimes it’s not the planner that is failing, but it is the inserts, the set-up, or the combination of both. Don’t blame that poor piece of leather for what can be solved by choosing different inserts 😉

If you’re wondering what I decided to do: the A6 Appunto was still in ‘giving it a chance’ phase, so I didn’t change that. I have set up the unicorn gold and it’s perfect, but it remains on my desk while the Appunto stays my main planner. And whatdayaknow – I’m completely smitten with the litthe thing: now my set-up is complete and I have made it more functional with notebooks, a weekly calendar and STICKERS – god, am I in a sticker phase! More about that later.


So yes, the unicorn will never leave my collection, but it’s just not its time right now. I keep updating it though, it’s ‘in use’ but not really – but if I have a day where I feel like I want to take it out with me, it’s completely synced and ready to go. For now, it gets a lot of admiration on my desk, and is slowly developping a patina.

Would you like to see the set-up of my A6 Appunto? Might be worth a blogpost all by itself…

Love, hugs and Planner Peace,


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