Move it!


Behold! Just what Brussels needed. More Mella.

I moved in with the boyfriend this weekend. Technically I’d been staying here for the better part of the year already, but I still had my own place in Antwerp. Now, everything I need is here and the rest is in storage until we figure out what to keep and what to sell.

I probably sprained a muscle in my leg, and I didn’t even do anything, really: by best friend K and three professional movers made sure everything got to its destination perfectly.

Did I mention I hate moving? I got a semi heartattack when the storage space I rented turned out to be about half the size of what I needed, and I had to switch twice before we found one that could house it all – and thus twice the price. Movers cost 600€ for 4 hours. I’m so broke right now 😉

Anyway – now the unpacking starts, and also the packing actually, as we leave for France next week with the five of us. Two weeks in the Provence, with no wifi. Peace and quiet – although with 3 kids, that might be the understatement of the year.


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