Vacation packing


Lovelies, I’m going on holiday. Tomorrow. The first ‘real’ family vacation (besides the odd weekend to the country side here and there) we’re taking with the five of us. The first time since I (we, actually, my son and I) have moved in with the boyfriend and his adorable 2 mini-me’s.

So we packed. The boyfriend is an amazing packer – he can go on holiday for two weeks with only hand luggage – and I leave with half my belongings if we go away for one night. So the rules were clear: cabin size suitcase only. And a laptopbag. It doesn’t really matter as we are driving and not flying, but we have to get 5 people’s things into the trunk of my car. And food. And a small inflatable pool. And three scooters for the kids. And god knows what else.

I managed to get enough stuff into that tiny suitcase thingie (thank god we’re going to the south of France where it is hot and where not much clothing is needed) BUT – of course, here comes the catch: what planners and supplies will I take?

I am still very happy in my A6 Appunto BUT on a trip I like to do longer journalling sooooo my Giramondo has to come. That’s two. But then, I’d been contemplating moving into the A5 Appunto for a month after the successful month in the A6… So I’ll pack that one as well… That’s three.

Three is not so bad, right? RIGHT?


I need pens, too. And my tiny watercolor set and my markers just in case. And glue – you never know if I want to stick anything in while journaling. And stickers! How will I survive two weeks without stickers? I better take them all, as I’m sure I’ll need just that one kind I leave at home.

My pens will fit in two Gillio pen cases. And the Papermate Flairs have their own packaging. And the stickers have their own polkadot case.

(And the Planner Society case holds my washi. Not all of them, but I can’t leave without any washi now, can I?)

So suddenly, this is what I still have to pack:


Not to mention my Macbook. And five books I want to read.

Oh dear.

I’ll let you know how it went, I’m going to the middle of nowhere with next to no wifi so not sure how ‘active’ I’ll be on social media but… I’ll be running around chasing three kids with water balloons, I think.

Love, peace and sunscreen,



  1. Bienvenue en France !
    Have a well deserved break, Mella! Enjoy every moment of your holiday, planning, journaling, decorating, reading… and sharing quality time with your beloved ones!

    • Thank you so much Nathalie! We will enjoy our stay in La Douce France, I am sure. Looking forward to the lavender smell of the Provence…

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