5 things you’ll love about Gillio’s Appunto

Appunto close up

At the Gillio Meetup in March, Gillio launched the Gillio Appunto: multi-functional notebook covers for all notebooks in A5 and A6 size, and created with the Hobonichi planner in mind.


When Gillio created the Appunto, together with the lovely Theresa Hall, I was one of the lucky ones (perks of the job!) to test the models out before the release. We made some modifications and on the 12th of March, it was finally time for the big reveal.

Half a year after the release (and about a year after receiving the first prototype!), I thought it was a good time to share my personal thoughts and feelings about the Appunto with you. Here are five things I know you’ll love about the Gillio Appunto.

Gillio Appunto A6

1. Finally, a Gillio cover for your Hobonichi.

If you’re like me, you’ve tried the Hobonichi but decided against using it as a main planner because, well, no Epoca – no deal. I just cannot use plastic or faux-leather anymore. I admit it, I have become a leather snob, but that’s what you get from working with first class materials. So hurray, finally I can go all out with my Hobonichis 🙂

2. Damn, what a great design.

I know, easy to toot my (our) own horn here, but it truly is a great layout and design. Lots of practical pockets, a full back pocket, a zipped compartment, and many other hiding places for your papers, stickers and whatnot. Theresa did a great job helping us in taking what works best and what design elements to remove before coming to this final version. Mind you, we’ve made some changes along the way: moved the penloop further to the edge, double-stiched it for extra durability – all because of the customers’ helpful feedback!

3. No Hobonichi? No problem!

Not into the whole Tomoe River Paper thing? Don’t worry, you’ll still love the Appunto. Do you use a Leuchtturm notebook, a Passion Planner, a Stalogy, a Seven Seas Writer, or anything else A5 or A6 sized? Still fits! I even put one of my novels in an Appunto to protect it while travelling: works wonderfully.

4. A5 without the bulk <3

I have proclaimed in many of my earlier videos that “I’m an A5 girl”, but since 2014 I have not used an A5 planner as my EDC again. Why? Because of the massive bulk it adds to my handbag, and the weight of a ringed A5 planner was just too much. Behold, the A5 Hobonichi Cousin, available in full-year AND half-year versions. Go as light as you like! I carry the full year and still it weighs the same as my Giramondo.

5. The perfect gift for newbies

Want to convert someone to the planner persuasion? Give them a blank/lined/grid notebook in an Appunto. Everyone needs a notebook, right? They’ll soon fall down the rabbit hole that is Gillio. Thanks to you.

Want one of your own? They are back in stock on the Gillio website today! (September 29th, 2016)

What are your reasons for loving the Appunto? I’d love to hear about them!


MellaAppunto close upAlthough I freelance for Gillio, all opinions in this post are my own and this post was not ordered or sponsored by Gillio. Just my very own planner-nerdiness. The picture with the blue Appunto is my own, the pictures with the rust Appunto is courtesy of Gillio.

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