One planner to rule them all

spoilt for choice

It’s that time of the year again. November comes, and planner-panic strikes me, bigtime.


This year was the worst of my entire planner career – freelancing for Gillio brings me too close to the temptation of absolutely everything and even a sheer meeting about an upcoming new design idea makes me want to abandon my system and try something new.

This year, I’ve used:

  • Medium Compagnas
  • Medium Mias
  • Regular Giramondos
  • A5 Amicas
  • A6 Compagnas
  • A6 Appuntos
  • A5 Appuntos

If I look at what worked, I come to some strange conclusions:

  • I am dying to find the Holy Grail of one planner to rule them all. Bound books give me more satisfaction in terms of looking back at a period of time than loose papers on rings do.
  • I always have a personal size set up and up-to-date that I use irregularly. I cannot NOT have that. No idea why.
  • Going back to regular Giramondos (my one true love for over 18 months a while back) doesn’t seem to do it anymore.
  • A6 Appuntos are the ONLY thing that ever got me to keep a semi-consistent journal of some kind. Memories hurray!
  • I have to admit to myself that personal or A6 size can NEVER contain all the information I need on a day to day basis. A5s can, but they are bulky and heavy.
  • A5 Appunto is the closest I’ve come to perfection, as the Hobonichi Cousin gives me monthly, weekly and daily all at the same time, at a surprisingly low weight.
  • I keep a separate A5 planner (Amica, black, Gigliodoro, gold hardware!) for my business, just for tax purposes and to house all the information I need about clients and assignments. I have some exciting new inserts coming for that one soon – more information about those later 😉 This works and will definitely be continued in 2017.

I’ve given myself another short week to think about it and then I’m placing my Hobonichi-order for 2017. Right now I’m leaning towards A5 Cousin or A5 Cousin Avec. Between my personal life, my business, my family (of 5, these days!) and side projects, I’m positive that will be the best choice.

Unless of course, I change my mind. You never know.

What are you up to for 2017?



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