Plans for 2017 are forming…

Time to Plan

With the new year approaching, somehow November and December are an influx of new projects, plans and changes. I can’t reveal all of them yet – some are still under embargo or strictly confidential – but I can definitely reveal SOME of them.

There’s a last-minute trip to Rome planned for the last week of the year. Yay! The Man is still finalising the details, but it looks like we’ll go.

There is a large new client in the pipeline, I’ll know about that in a few days. That would mean more basic income in 2017, and as I’m looking to start saving more money next year (selling the appartment and moving emptied my savings down to zero).

Totally opposite to saving money (I know, I know…) I have the opportunity to attend Louis Vuitton’s end-of-year cocktail party this Thursday. Thanks to an amazing girl (you know who you are) who’ll take me as her plus one. So with my ‘secret savings’ (money from second-hand sales) I might splurge on a little something-something. To be continued!

Last but not least, I am going to take on a large new project next year – that I can’t stipulate on right now – but that will indirectly mean I’ll be back on YouTube! I know there has been a lot of demand for more videos so I’ll make that promise right in 2017. As soon as I can shed some light on all this, you’ll be the first to know.

That’s it for now! What are you looking forward to in 2017?




  1. Mella I’m delighted to see you making videos again. I’ve missed you.

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