Hey girl, where’d you go?

PCE Erin Condren

Good lord. The last post I wrote on here was A YEAR AGO. Announcing major things for 2017. And now here we are, at the end of 2017, and NOTHING happened on my blog.

For those who wondered where I went, I’m sure you’ve seen some of it online, I’ve had quite the interesting year – indeed some “major” things happened 😀

  • I went to the USA for PlannerCon 2017
  • I got married (twice – once in Vegas, and once in Brussels)
  • I visited London and Firenze for work
  • I bought a house in Antwerp
  • We sold the place in Brussels and moved
  • I organised PlannerCon Europe 2017
  • I am expecting a wonderful baby boy in May 2018!

So yes, I’ve been ‘at it’, but that’s no excuse to neglect my blog. I did post one YouTube video this year though – about my medium Mia Cara in purple & cream – but that’s hardly ‘being back online’.

I was just browsing through my blog posts and found that last year I was in the same rut I am in today, planner-wise that is: I have too many options that work and I cannot decide. I have a great A5 Appunto set-up for my freelance writing and consultancy business, that’s about the only thing set in stone. I also have all sizes of Hobonichi in place (Weeks for short journaling, A6 for to do lists and A5 for general overview planning) but then my TN keeps calling my name, and what about that new Gillio B6 that I’ve set up to perfection? Not to mention the planners we got as swag at PCE2017. I’m pretty sure 2018 will be as confusing as all the years before were.

But here we are, December 29th 2017, and I’m writing out my personal and business goals for 2018 in my A5 Hobonichi Avec.

I would LOVE your input on topics you’d like me to tackle – planner set-ups? Seems so obvious. Beauty routine, even though pretty much non-existent? Favourite podcasts? What I actually do for a living? Throw some ideas at me and I’ll be happy to spill some words over them 😉

I’ll start tackling them after this tiny human comes into the world in May!

Till next time – sooner rather than later!



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